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Alternative Investments

If you're tired of old-fashioned investment vehicles that barely net any returns, CARL opens up the world of alternative investments for you. With a powerful hedge fund investing app, sophisticated quant strategies and a low investment minimum, we give you great opportunities to build your wealth!

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Low Minimum Investment $20,000

Low Minimums

Minimum investment $20,000
(previous $1M)

Monthly Liquidity - no lock-up periods

Monthly Liquidity

Enjoy greater freedom with
no lock-up periods

15%+ Targeted Returns & real-time performance updates

High-Yield Return Targets

Sophisticated AI and quantum-based strategies

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Why Quant Funds Can Outperform Other Investments

Quants are a modern approach to a 21st-century market environment. Where traditional investments and old-school hedge funds rely on human intuition to value and acquire assets, quants use machine learning and computer modeling to take advantage of all the little details a human hedge fund manager might easily miss.

Quants act quicker, and can therefore be more reliable during times of high market volatility. Add to that the high yield targeted returns, and you have an idea why quant funds can outperform other alternative investment vehicles.

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Tearing down barriers for novice and experienced investors

Remember the days when alternative investments required you to go information-hunting just so you could vet a fund's feasibility? Those days are over for good: CARL provides you with all the information you need, including a selection of thrilling alternative investment opportunities you might never have heard of before. Build your wealth and diversify your portfolio – anywhere, anytime, with one easy-to-use mobile app.

How CARL works

Sophisticated Hedge Fund Investments Aren’t Just for Institutions Anymore

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Which Type of Investor Are you?

Advanced Hedge Fund Investment Strategies for All Types of Investors

CARL is open to all accredited investors, whether you're a private citizen looking to build your wealth or an institutional investor aiming to make the most out of your company's money.

Private Investors

Private Investors

Low minimums, full control. Diversify your portfolio with hedge fund strategies, that just weren't accessible before.

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IRA Investors

IRA Investors

Unlock your retirement account with alternative investments to achieve your individual investing goals.

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Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors

Diversify large portfolios and sophisticated investment strategies while delivering on set risk targets.

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What Investors Say About CARL

"I didn’t know investments like this existed before finding CARL, and I guess they didn’t for regular investors until now. It provides so many more options, I can now manage my own hedge fund portfolio, diversify my investments and I have the potential to earn a return regardless of market direction."

CFO, Michigan

We Put the Power of Quants in the Hands of Regular Investors.

How CARL works  

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CARL is a unique quantitative investment platform where you can invest in hedge funds. The platform provides quantitative investment strategies whose goals are to outperform common markets and minimize downturns...

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Want to Learn More About Alternative Investing With Hedge Funds?

The world of finance is open to anyone willing to educate themselves. You don't necessarily need a financial advisor to make sound decisions. As experts that handle alternative investments with quant hedge funds at CARL, we know our way around town and love to share our knowledge. Dive into our various information resources to become a self-made future investor.


Expert guests, fresh takes through the quant lense and current information about CARL – discover our Invest with CARL podcast. Dive deeper with detailed discussions, and important new for CARL users.

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Listen and learn from handpicked speakers in our webinars. Learn what's important in the hedge fund business and get to know everything an investor or manager might need to know.

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Investment Basics

Start from scratch or refresh your knowledge with our extensive archive of investment articles. Brush up on essentials like mutual funds, securities and equity to make sound investment decisions.

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You are not the first person to ask any given question about the hedge fund world. Use our FAQ to find the most commonly-asked questions surrounding investing with quants to get into the game today.

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Getting Into Alternative Investments With CARL

Over the past decades many US citizens realized that a regular income alone won't allow them to build wealth – or even maintain it. With inflation eating away at your capital and income levels stagnating, you might have already looked into old-fashioned investment vehicles such as mutual funds or ETFs – and found them lacking. This is where CARL's alternative investment opportunities come in.

It's time to take your financial future into your own hands! With alternative investment opportunities such as quantitative strategies, you have the chance to grow financially or diversify your existing investment portfolio to protect it against high volatility. In fact, quants perform exceedingly well in volatile market situations, typically outperforming other alternative investment products such as private equity, real estate investments or even traditional alternative investment funds.

21st-century challenges require 21st-century solutions.

How CARL Works

If you're aiming for more diversification or better returns on your portfolio, CARL is the way to go. And it's easy to get started too:

  1. Download the CARL app and set up an account
  2. Use the CARL app to analyze your investment options
  3. Fund your investments from your smartphone

All you need are $20,000 as an initial investment as well as the necessary paperwork to qualify as an accredited investor as per SEC regulations. Once that's done, CARL makes sure there's nothing else standing between you and the alternative investment funds you've chosen for your portfolio.

What Are the Best Alternative Investment Strategies?

We can't tell you what to invest your hard-earned money in. Whether you prefer investing in tangible assets or abstracts like private equity, that's up to you. We can tell you from experience that quantitative hedge funds can outright outperform many other alternative strategies. CARL's investment strategies have 15%+ targeted returns – try getting that much bang for your buck on your savings account. So whether you're looking for a multi-strategy fund, an event-driven one, or anything in-between, CARL can show you some very promising alternative investment options combining great flexibility and low-risk hedging strategies with the power of the quantitative approach. As a modern alternative investment platform, the CARL app also offers you all the tools you need to invest in quants and to keep an eye on your investments at all times. Real-time performance overviews are the way to go – no more calling the office just to find out how your fund is doing. Having access to your alternative investment portfolio anywhere, at any time, thanks to an app you can install on any modern smartphone – what could be more convenient?

Quants use sophisticated algorithms, machine learning, and comprehensive computer modeling to take advantage of even small-scale market movements while effectively minimizing the risk of bad calls made by the hedge fund manager. It's a winning combination!

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Set up an account today or contact us to learn more about how CARL can benefit your portfolio. CARL believes in democratizing access to the lucrative field of quants – and we want you to be a part of this digital finance revolution!

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