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Invest in fully automated data driven investment algorithms


The exponential growth of data, artificial intelligence (AI), and continuous improvements in technology are key factors driving the need to change the way you invest. Data driven investment strategies are able to find actionable insight in real-time through the application of quantitative methods.

Now, you have the alternative to make these sophisticated proprietary investment strategies work for you.

Follow other investors. See how they invest.

Join our community. Share your portfolio and collaborate with others to discover strategies that best fit your risk appetite.

Learn the mix of strategies other investors have in their portfolios. Get notified when investors you follow make changes to their portfolio.

Invest with Confidence

Make your money work harder. Build a personalized investment portfolio with full information about its past and expected returns. Use our portfolio tools to understand your downside exposure and ROI trade-offs.

Investment Option

With CARL you have the option to create a portfolio of alternative investments that suit your own particular needs. Our strategies can be used to achieve true diversification as opposed to more traditional investment like stocks and bonds.


A digital investment service made for you. Monitor your portfolio performance in real time, make changes to your portfolio of A.I. strategies and achieve your desired risk/reward balance. No lock-ups or hidden fees.

Our Promise and Values

We believe in a world that is inclusive, open and secure. We value information and believe that with the right tools and resources anyone can build a great investment portfolio. We promise to serve you, our investors, and always work to help you reach and even exceed your goals.

Our technology platform will help us bring equality and greater access to alternative investments. CARL partners with quantitative hedge funds to make their strategies available through a simple and easy to understand platform. Our objective is to give investors the ability to build portfolios with low inter-fund correlation, high risk-adjusted returns, and low correlation to equity markets.

Our platform is a safe environment for you to learn, share, and discover smart strategies that help you meet your financial goals.