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We provide fund partners with a digital distribution alternative to help them grow assets exponentially. CARL offers the most cost-effective plug and play solution for fund managers to make their investment opportunities available to accredited investors that are already searching for them.

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Common Problems

Are You Struggling to Grow Your Assets Under Management?

Well designed investment strategies target higher returns and build in protections against unexpected downturns and catastrophic events. Unfortunately, most managers have hard time growing assets due to:: 

  • Long sales cycle
  • Gate keepers and ineffient capital allocation
  • Lack of marketing and distribution channels
  • Operational complexity
  • Regulatory environment

"In 2021, digital is king. Consumers are accustomed to the convenient, always-on, and on-demand nature of their favorite services (Uber, Amazon, Netflix, etc.), and they have brought these expectations to each new customer interaction."

"Financial services are no exception."


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The Solution

CARL is an Investment Fund Infrastructure and Technology Platform

CARL through its platform, provides all the required infrastructure required to operate an investment fund. Our market-place and infrastructure services makes it easy to offer and invest in alternative investments.

  • Managers grow AUM faster
  • Digital distribution marketing channel
  • Reduce sales cycle
  • Direct to investor (B2C)
  • Direct to advisor (B2B2C)
  • Increase capital allocation efficiency

How It Works

How CARL Helps Fund Managers to Raise Capital

CARL is a fund infrastructure platform like no other. You focus on generating alpha, we focus on everything else. Contact us to learn more.

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Providing an Operational Efficient Investor-Manager-Relationship

The CARL platform connects tech savvy investors that embrace technology with fund managers to generate benefits for both investors and fund managers. Reducing friction and accelerating capital allocation.


  • CARL aggregates small investments from tech savvy investors that previously did not have access to hedge fund investments.
  • Investors can invest at low minimums of $20K and build a diversified portfolio of sophisticated quant hedge fund strategies.
  • Through CARL's mobile applications investors are able to find strategies that fit their risk tolerance and return expectations right at their fingertips.


  • CARL white labels selected strategies and ensures that only the best investment opportunities are offered via our platform. 
  • The CARL platform automates marketing, onboarding, KYC, AML, accreditation, ID verification, banking integration, mid-office, back-office, complience, taxes, allocation, administration, etc.
  • Managers are able to grow assets under management without having to rely solely on traditional institutional investors.


Characteristics of Funds Providing Strategies

  • Systematic strategies (low human intervention)
  • Data-driven decision making process
  • Hedge, PE and VC funds and note issuers
  • Assets classes that benefit accredited investors.
  • Proprietary technology not available otherwise
  • Live track record of at least 6 months
  • Low correlation to the S&P 500
  • Capacity of more than $300M but less than $2B

Our Strategies

Discover Our Alternative Investment Opportunities

CARL will partner with existing asset managers to make their investment opportunities available through its platform. Partners are evaluated on their operations as well as a scientific, data-driven evaluation of their investment strategies. The goal is to provide portfolios with low inter-fund correlation, high expected returns, and low equity market correlation. We strive to provide diversification and are constantly looking for managers with different and unique ideas.

Fitz Roy

Fitz Roy's primary objective is to generate superior returns while minimizing risk. The Fund seeks to achieve its objective by taking advantage of a proprietary investment product designed to identify short-term investment opportunities in portfolio holdings.

Strategy details

El Capitan

El Capitan's fundamental philosophy is based on the selection of global markets with the greatest inflow of capital at the present time. The strategy uses quantitative decision making techniques that measure the strength of the market based on the flow of capital.

Strategy details

MB Commodities Capital

MBCC uses forward looking cross asset arbitrage models to pick up on future demand trends that are yet to be priced into the Equity and Commodity market based on any economic cycle.

Strategy details


Cayler Capital LLC (CCL) is a systematic energy program that seeks to deliver growth, diversification, and preserve capital in the oil market via systematic discipline with fundamental analysis. CCL is focused on trading futures and options in the WTI, Brent, Gasoline, and Heating Oil markets.

Strategy details

Dynamic Factor Portfolio

Fuji employs the Dynamic Factor Portfolio Strategy (DFP) developed by our Co-Founder, Masao Matsuda, PhD and FRM as a result of his years of research as a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) at Nikko Securities and beyond....

Strategy details

Carthage Fund II

Carthage's primary objective is to achieve a weekly profit margin of +0.5-1% through the sale of options, collecting premiums, which is expected to compound to an annualized return in the range of +30-60%. Notably, our strategy yielded impressive returns of +194% in 2020, +149% in 2021, +30% in 2022, and +41% in 2023....

Strategy details

Denali Investment Strategy by CARL


Denali's investments in US stocks allow this strategy to preserve capital in down periods and react quickly during strong uptrends. This defensive approach blends low-risk affinity with long-term return goals to create revenue streams.

Strategy details

K2 Investment Strategy by CARL


K2 blends behavioral finance and traditional valuation techniques to select stocks from the S&P 500. The fund strategy is quick to react to stock market ups and downs and aims at consistently generating profits.

Strategy details

Kilimanjaro Investment Strategy by CARL


Energy, metals, agriculture - Kilimanjaro invests funds in futures spanning the entire commodities spectrum. Its market-neutral approach makes this strategy a perfect pairing with other uncorrelated or other more straight-forward strategies.

Strategy details

Olympus Investment Strategy by CARL


Olympus uses three fully automated and complementary systems to generate returns. Unlike many hedge funds, this strategy takes full advantage of quant methods to generate revenue for its investors.

Strategy details

Victory Peak Investment Strategy by CARL

Victory Peak

Multiple systems compete for capital, emphasizing compound annual return while aiming to minimize drawdown. This strategy seeks to determine the current behavioral regime and apply capital only when the corresponding probabilities show a positive mathematical expectation.

Strategy details


Matterhorn uses statistics to take advantage of the price actions of different securities. The strategy invests in financial instruments representing: US equities, US bonds and commodities.

Strategy details


A diversified, systematic multi-strategy vehicle, which aims to generate long-term absolute returns by creating layers of statistical agents across asset classes through different signals, universes and frequencies.

Strategy details

Why partner with CARL

Streamline the Complexities of Operating, Selling and Servicing Your Fund

Achieve growth and scale your operations efficiently. CARL is a safe place for investors and managers to meet and transact. We are designing an experience like no other to help you unlock opportunities through out the lifecycle of the investment.

Low Minimum Investment $20,000

Turn Key Services

Turn key hedge fund services with a growing investor base eager to invest in innovative performance seeking investment strategies.

Low Minimum Investment $20,000

True Digital Solution

Broadening access with a true 21st century digital solution and a user-friendly mobile investing app.

Low Minimum Investment $20,000

Mass Affluent Audience

Mainstreaming of digital distribution, raising the bar to deliver superior services and experience to a mass affluent audience.

Low Minimum Investment $20,000

Grow AUM Faster

Grow your AUM faster, reduce sales cycle and increase operational efficiency.

How to Partner With CARL

Our Quick and Easy Origination Process

CARL's philosophy is reducing friction for both our investors and our managers. From accredited investor certification to broker and bank API integrations to manager onboarding, much of the process has been automated to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and ease for all stakeholders.

Initiation & Due Diligence

Our team will evaluate and vet the trading strategy, drawing upon decades of combined institutional experience spanning trading, portfolio management, manager selection, payments processing, and software development.


Within 3 to 4 months, the new US-domiciled CARL hedge fund vehicle will break escrow and commence live trading as monthly subscriptions are now available to CARL's expansive accredited investor base.

Servicing Activities

Ongoing activities such as marketing, regulatory filings, investor relations, tax documentation, etc. are all managed by CARL thereby leaving the portfolio manager to solely concentrate on generating alpha.

"CARL is a technology platform that enables accredited individual investors and financial advisors to invest in top-tier quantitative hedge funds previously only available to institutions."

Gunnar Cuevas, CARL CEO & Co-Founder

Gunnar Cuevas

CEO & Co-Founder

Cy Smith

President & Co-Founder

Let's Talk?

If you are an experienced fund manager and would like to partner with CARL, we’d love to hear from you.

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