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Olympus - A Index Futures Strategy

Olympus employs three fully automated and complementary systems. One profits from extreme (tail) movements in the US equity index, another uses predicted changes in implied volatility of the market to trade the VIX futures algorithmically, and also a hybrid that aims to be volatility-neutral.

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Investment Universe

US futures

Strategy Type

Managed futures

Managed By

QTS Capital Management, LLC

Strategy Highlights

Low Minimum Investment $20,000

Award Winner

An award winning tail-hedger with the strategy CARL Olympus is based on finding many major market downturns in the last 10 yrs*

Low Minimum Investment $20,000

Limit Losses

Portfolio protection for the truly down market, a bright spot in your portfolio when other areas may be in a significant drawdown

Low Minimum Investment $20,000

Expert Management

A highly experienced strategy manager who has and continues to fine tune his tail-hedger to protect your funds as much as he can in flat and bull markets (when tail-hedgers are waiting)

This Is Why Olympus Is the Right Strategy for You

Olympus combines simple investment concepts and fundamental rationales, with leading technology.

Its focus is black swan, or the intention to benefit from extreme down movements in the US equity markets.

Using a diverse pool of quantitative, absolute return investments strategies focused on highly liquid instruments and intraday trading, Olympus can statistically lift total portfolio value over time by providing a true hedge during times of high volatility, liquidy erosion, and falling equity prices. 

This means it could balance a portfolio in a down market, providing psychological protection, and provide the piece-of-mind that the balance can statistically lift the entire portfolio for a longer period.

Olympus risk controls lean on its simplicity. When the market has high volatility, particularly large decline, Olympus is positioned to gain. At the same time, it institutes controls to ensure it protects capital in bull market periods.

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Hedge Fund Manager

Olympus Is Managed by Dr. Ernest Chan

Dr. Ernie Chan’s career since 1994 has been focusing on the development of statistical models and advanced computer algorithms to find patterns and trends in large quantities of data.

Ernie spearheaded IBM’s research effort to develop a system for searching large text databases, catapulting IBM’s reputation to a top player in the field.  At the Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining group in Morgan Stanley’s headquarter in New York, Ernie pioneered the application of some of these sophisticated statistical algorithms to the complex task of extracting customer relationships in the Morgan Stanley customer accounts database.

He was a proprietary trader and quantitative researcher at Credit Suisse in New York in 1998, a senior quantitative analyst at Mapleridge Capital Management Corp. in 2002, and a senior quantitative analyst and trader at Maple Financial in 2003. He co-founded EXP Capital Management, LLC, a Chicago-based fund management company in 2008. He founded QTS Capital Management, LLC. in 2011.

“It will have a large gain when the market goes into a tailspin and it will do nothing or lose a small insurance cost during peaceful periods. The best way to understand it is as an insurance policy. Olympus is insurance against market meltdown.”  

Dr. Ernest Chan
Hedge Fund Manager @ CARL Olympus, LLC

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3 Easy Steps to Invest in Our Olympus Strategy

Investing in our Olympus hedge fund strategy is pretty simple: just create an account, add the strategy to your portfolio and on the next funding cycle you're in.

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Search for offerings that fit your risk and return criteria, create model portfolios, and use the CARL tools to help you identify the best investments for you.

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What Investors Say About CARL

"I didn’t know investments like this existed before finding CARL, and I guess they didn’t for regular investors until now. It provides so many more options, I can now manage my own hedge fund portfolio, diversify my investments and I have the potential to earn a return regardless of market direction."

CFO, Michigan


Besides Olympus We Also Offer Other Types of Strategies

Combining flexibility and versatility, quant hedge funds are the perfect opportunity to cover all your bases. By exposing your portfolio to non-traditional asset classes besides traditional revenue areas like the stock market or real estate, you can gain lucrative benefits, especially in volatile markets. Whether you have years of experience as an investor or you're looking for new investment opportunities – CARL is your ticket to investment success.

Fitz Roy

Fitz Roy's primary objective is to generate superior returns while minimizing risk. The Fund seeks to achieve its objective by taking advantage of a proprietary investment product designed to identify short-term investment opportunities in portfolio holdings.

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Cayler Capital LLC (CCL) is a systematic energy program that seeks to deliver growth, diversification, and preserve capital in the oil market via systematic discipline with fundamental analysis. CCL is focused on trading futures and options in the WTI, Brent, Gasoline, and Heating Oil markets.

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Carthage Fund II

Carthage's primary objective is to achieve a weekly profit margin of +0.5-1% through the sale of options, collecting premiums, which is expected to compound to an annualized return in the range of +30-60%. Notably, our strategy yielded impressive returns of +194% in 2020, +149% in 2021, +30% in 2022, and +41% in 2023....

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Denali Investment Strategy by CARL


Denali's investments in US stocks allow this strategy to preserve capital in down periods and react quickly during strong uptrends. This defensive approach blends low-risk affinity with long-term return goals to create revenue streams.

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K2 Investment Strategy by CARL


K2 blends behavioral finance and traditional valuation techniques to select stocks from the S&P 500. The fund strategy is quick to react to stock market ups and downs and aims at consistently generating profits.

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Kilimanjaro Investment Strategy by CARL


Energy, metals, agriculture - Kilimanjaro invests funds in futures spanning the entire commodities spectrum. Its market-neutral approach makes this strategy a perfect pairing with other uncorrelated or other more straight-forward strategies.

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Olympus Investment Strategy by CARL


Olympus uses three fully automated and complementary systems to generate returns. Unlike many hedge funds, this strategy takes full advantage of quant methods to generate revenue for its investors.

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Victory Peak Investment Strategy by CARL

Victory Peak

Multiple systems compete for capital, emphasizing compound annual return while aiming to minimize drawdown. This strategy seeks to determine the current behavioral regime and apply capital only when the corresponding probabilities show a positive mathematical expectation.

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Matterhorn uses statistics to take advantage of the price actions of different securities. The strategy invests in financial instruments representing: US equities, US bonds and commodities.

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A diversified, systematic multi-strategy vehicle, which aims to generate long-term absolute returns by creating layers of statistical agents across asset classes through different signals, universes and frequencies.

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