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Whether you're looking to hear about all the latest developments at CARL or trying to stay up-to-date with the latest news from the world of personal finance, the "Invest with CARL" podcast has it all! Tune in to our panel of experts bringing you the latest updates on specific quants or listen in to their discussions about the latest topics of the financial world, such as what you need to know about when diversifying your portfolio. And who knows- you might even get the inspiration for the investment of your life!

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If you were only recently introduced to the CARL investment podcast or you missed an episode, no need to worry: all episodes are available via the CARL website, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify.

Episode 36 - Introducing MB Commodities Capital with Investment Manager, Maleeha Bengali

Episode 36 details

Episode 35 - Making Your Money Work with Sam Sivarajan

Episode 35 details

Episode 34 - CARL’s Fitz Roy Quant Hedge Fund Strategy with Investment Manager Gunnar Cuevas

Episode 34 details

Episode 33 - CARL’s El Capitan Strategy Risk Management and Market Review

Episode 33 details

Episode 32 - The Future of Hedge Funds: A Conversation with Spiros Margaris

Episode 32 details

Episode 31 - CARL’s Teton Quant Hedge Fund Strategy with Investment Manager Brent Belote

Episode 31 details

Episode 30 - CARL’s Everest Quant Hedge Fund Strategy with Investment Managers Philippe Huber & Tony Guida

Episode 30 details

Episode 29 - CARL’s Churfirsten Quant Hedge Fund Strategy with Investment Manager Tim Rawlins

Episode 29 details

Episode 28 - 2021 Wrap Up with CARL’s Victory Peak Quant Hedge Fund Strategy

Episode 28 details

Episode 27 - Introducing CARL Self Directed IRA

Episode 27 details

Episode 26 - 2021 Wrap Up with CARL’s Denali Quant Hedge Fund Strategy

Episode 26 details

Episode 25 - 2021 Wrap Up with CARL’s Olympus Quant Hedge Fund Strategy

Episode 25 details

Episode 24 - CARL’s Matterhorn Quant Hedge Fund Strategy With Investment Manager Vittorio Manente

Episode 24 details

Episode 23 - CARL’s El Capitan Quant Hedge Fund Strategy with Investment Manager Sergio Nozal

Episode 23 details

Episode 22 - Are Two Hedge Funds Better Than One? With Alex Shea

Episode 22 details

Episode 21 - CARL Update with Jamie Uppenberg

Episode 21 details

Episode 20 - Get Rich Stay Rich with Cy Smith

Episode 20 details

Episode 19 - Olympus Mid-Year Update with Investment Manager, Ernie Chan

Episode 19 details

Episode 18 - Victory Peak Mid-Year Update with Investment Manager, David Bush

Episode 18 details

Episode 17 - How it Works with CARL CEO, Gunnar Cuevas

Episode 17 details

Episode 16 - CARL’s Denali Quant Hedge Fund Strategy with Investment Manager Marcos Bueno

Episode 16 details

Episode 15 - Risk Series - Risk Management with Quantitative Commodities Strategy, Kilimanjaro

Episode 15 details

Episode 14 - The Story of Idle Cash: How to Make Your Money Work Harder

Episode 14 details

Episode 13 - CARL’s Kilimanjaro Quant Hedge Fund Strategy with Investment Manager Joel Murang

Episode 13 details

Episode 12 - Why Did You Invest? A Current Investor’s Experience with CARL

Episode 12 details

Episode 11 - Market Update and CARL Progress Report

Episode 11 details

Episode 10 - Risk Series - Real World Risk Management and Diversification with Investment Manager Alan Harmer

Episode 10 details

Episode 9 - Risk Series - How to View Funds with Gunnar

Episode 9 details

Episode 8 - Risk Series Kick Off with Jamie Uppenberg

Episode 8 details

Episode 7 - Choosing New CARL Funds: Why Less Than 5% Make It

Episode 7 details

Episode 6 - CARL’s Victory Peak Quant Hedge Fund Strategy with Investment Manager David Bush

Episode 6 details

Episode 5 - CARL’s Olympus Quant Hedge Fund Strategy with Investment Manager Ernie Chan

Episode 5 details

Episode 4 - Demystifying Quantitative Investment Strategies

Episode 4 details

Episode 2 - CARL’s K2 Quant Hedge Fund Strategy with Investment Manager Alan Harmer

Episode 2 details

Episode 1 - How CARL is Changing the Quant Hedge Fund Game

Episode 1 details

Our Team

Meet the Podcast Experts

You can expect nothing less than true industry experts discussing in-depth financial topics when you tune into the CARL investing podcast. Meet our cast to find out what to expect from the podcast.

Gunnar Cuevas

CEO & Co-Founder

Cy Smith

President & Co-Founder

Jamie Uppenberg

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Shea, CFA


Michel Guignard


Spiros Margaris



Sophisticated Alternative Investments Aren’t Just for Institutions Anymore

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How to Join Us for the CARL Investment Podcast

CARL believes in democratizing access – and that's why we decided to keep our investing podcast free both for CARL users and investors who might simply be interested in learning more. All you need to get the latest news, valuable investor insights, and in-depth discussions is a Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify account. Or you can listen without any of the above accounts via the CARL homepage. You'll never miss an episode!

Whether you're working to build your wealth or you're just interested in financial topics, CARL's investing podcast is available to everyone!

Industry Experts On-Air

Investing successfully can feel like a daunting task. You rely on expert information and the "Invest with CARL" podcast provides exactly that.

Each episode features finance experts discussing the topics at hand, giving you a clear understanding of what’s happening in the financial world. And while we can't provide financial advice, the information discussed on the podcast can prove to be invaluable to put your investment decisions into context.

How Long Is the CARL Podcast?

Brevity is the soul of wit, and CARL aims to prove it. Each episode is highly condensed to give you all of the information with none of the superfluous bits. The "Invest with CARL" podcast is a bite-sized full meal perfect for listening to while commuting or taking a break on a busy day.

What Is the Best Investing Podcast?

Depending on what you're interested in, from stock market news to real estate predictions, there are plenty of options for you out in the podcasting world. Some focus on interviews, others on off-the-cuff discussions, but if you're into quants, there's no better way to learn about them than the "Invest with CARL" podcast.

Whether you're looking for a personal finance investment option or you want to diversify your portfolio with quants, we'll do our best to give your the information you need. We talk strategy and dissect the latest news on the quant market so you can stay ahead of the competition.

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