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Investment Basics

Investing isn't rocket science – you can easily learn the investment basics by reading up on various topics like mutual funds, the stock market, or different investor types. As experts in quant hedge funds, we have substantial knowledge on investing in financial markets and are more than willing to share our insights with you.

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Generally speaking, investing is like riding a bike: Once learned, you never forget. But you need to learn it first. To help you get started, we have collected a bunch of articles about all relevant investment basics. Read about what's essential and get a head start with CARL.

Hedge Funds

Investing in hedge funds – Discover a new world of opportunity for all accredited investors. Learn what hedge funds are, which advantages they can offer compared to other alternative investment options, and how CARL can help you get in the game.


One of the most important basics for successful investors is portfolio diversification, to minimize risk and loss, generate income and protect existing capital. Learn how CARL helps diversify your portfolio by investing in high-quality quant hedge funds.


Investments deploy capital with the intention of a greater payoff in the future than what was originally put in. Discover the extensive investment universe, learn more about assets and how they can be acquired to generate income or increase their value.


Retirement is your well-deserved reward for a lifetime of hard work. Learn how CARL can help you achieve financial stability and independence in your retirement, thanks to a wide range of quant investment strategies and self-directed IRAs.

Sophisticated Alternative Investments Aren’t Just for Institutions Anymore

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The Investment Basics

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran – knowing and understanding certain basic concepts is key to financial growth and long-term investing success. It's not enough to just put money into a savings account and hope for interest to make you rich – especially not at the current high inflation rate. At CARL, we believe everyone deserves a chance to learn about hedge funds and make their own investment decisions.

Basics About Investing 1: Start Investing – The Sooner the Better

To invest is like running a marathon. You have to know that the finish line is a long road ahead of you and there are no shortcuts. So, the first investment basic is to start doing it as soon as you have grasped the investment basics. After all, money in a savings account will diminish over time, thanks to inflation. Putting it in an investment account, on the other hand, allows your money to work for you, actively creating returns.

Basics About Investing 2: Know Your Goals and Stick To Them

Do you want to generate retirement savings? Or are you saving money so your kids can benefit from it in the future? Whatever your financial goals are – it's important to stick to them when investing because they determine the timeframe for your investments. Also, they influence which investment types you choose for your portfolio. Different types of investments can vary wildly in terms of how or when you can access them to withdraw money.

Basics About Investing 3: Understanding Risk

Markets are volatile, and with every investment comes a certain amount of risk. You have to know your own risk tolerance before you invest in the stock market, mutual funds, or quant investment funds with CARL. To put it bluntly, risk tolerance just means how prepared you are to accept that you might lose money if you make certain investment decisions.

Long-term investments usually come with a generally lower risk factor compared to short-term opportunities. Meanwhile, using a diversified portfolio and spreading your money over numerous high-risk and low-risk investment products aims at minimizing losses and generating steady revenue.

Most Importantly: Diversify!

Diversification is a method to reduce risk by investing in various assets and asset classes.

If you invest using a sufficiently diversified portfolio, you're usually moving step-by-step towards long-term success. Trading individual stocks on the stock market, putting money into bonds and ETFs as well as investing in high-yield quant hedge funds with CARL are all surefire ways to set yourself up for a prosperous financial future.

Do you Want to Learn More About Alternative Investments?

The world of finance is open to anyone willing to educate themselves. You don't necessarily need a financial advisor to make sound decisions. As experts that handle investments with quant hedge funds at CARL, we know our way around town and love to share our knowledge. Dive into our various information resources to become a self-made future investor.


Expert guests share their views about investing, the market, the economy and all their opinions about current events and how they may affect your portfolio. Discover our Invest with CARL podcast. Dive deeper with detailed discussions, and important new for CARL members.

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Investment Basics

Start from scratch or refresh your knowledge with our extensive archive of investment articles. Brush up on essentials like mutual funds, securities and equity to make sound investment decisions.

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You are not the first person to ask any given question about the alternative investments. Use our FAQ to find the most commonly-asked questions and get into the game today.

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