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Hedge Funds in NYC – The Financial Capital of the World

The Big Apple isn't just one of the most vibrant cities in the world, NYC is also home to numerous hedge funds, playing a pivotal role in international financial investments. CARL is also headquartered in NYC, putting us in the right position to give you access to the finest quant hedge funds, no matter which part of the U.S. you call home.

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NYC Hedge Funds – A World Unto Itself?

As the home of Wall Street, New York City is where people and firms from all across the world buy and sell stock – but the city's financial sector also offers plenty of ways to invest in other high-performance vehicles, from financial derivatives to private equity. It's no wonder, then, that the city is home to a vast number of companies, banks, and hedge funds, dealing in anything and everything.

Enter the world of hedge funds – CARL finds the most promising funds in the country and gives you easy access to them, whether they're located in New York or anywhere else in the U.S.

Before CARL, New York hedge funds were a closed venue for most investors. If you were interested in putting your money into the hands of an experienced manager, you needed to know someone who already knew people in the sector. Most of the time, you also needed to have at least some sort of presence in the city to effectively find out about and get in contact with the various hedge fund firms and managers of the New York area. Naturally, this was not ideal for accredited investors living in other parts of the country.

But thanks to CARL, you now have the opportunity to gain access to some of the most thrilling high-performance quants available on the market today. Being headquartered in New York, CARL already has a foot in the door, so to speak. CARL finds promising quants, runs them through proven due diligence processes, and gives you the tools to invest in them. And thanks to our app, you can invest or withdraw your money from anywhere.

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Tearing Down Barriers to the Alternative Investment Universe

CARL provides you with a selection of thrilling alternative investment opportunities you might never have heard of before. Build your wealth and diversify your portfolio with alternative investments – anywhere, anytime, with one easy-to-use mobile app.

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What Does a NYC Hedge Fund Do?

As New York City is one of the most important places for global trade, it is home to some of the largest hedge funds in existence – firms that often have billions of dollars of assets under management (AUM). These funds do very much the same things that hedge funds do all across the country. They pool equity from investors to invest in a variety of vehicles and use hedging strategies to limit the risk to which everyone involved is exposed in the process.

In other words: New York hedge fund firms aren't markedly different from firms in other parts of the country – they just have the advantage of being headquartered in a city that offers excellent chances to connect with other financial companies and access some of the greatest financial talents, such as hedge fund managers with decades of experience under their belt.

Sophisticated Alternative Investments Aren’t Just for Institutions Anymore

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Are All of CARL's Strategies Based in New York?

Being headquartered in New York enables CARL to connect with many of the world's premier hedge funds. At CARL, we don’t limit ourselves to funds only based in New York we are dedicated to giving you access to the best quants available today.

That's why you'll find thrilling investment opportunities from all over the U.S. in our portfolio, from the standard long/short to systematic stock picking. Whether you're looking for funds that invest in stocks, private equity, futures, or any other alternative investment vehicle – CARL finds the most promising quants for you, no matter where they may be found.

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3 Easy Steps to Start Investing With CARL

Investing in quants is as easy as pie if you've got CARL on your side. Investors can set up an CARL account quickly and easily.

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Quickly and securely create your account, verify your investor status and become a member of our community.

Analyze Investments

Using the tools within the CARL app, determine which strategies at what allocations are right for your investment goals.

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Simply save your portfolio settings and on the next strategy funding cycle your investment will be live!

Do Hedge Funds Benefit Society?

CARL believes that they do – in two distinct ways:

Firstly, hedge funds allow accredited investors to invest money into ventures which would otherwise receive no or very little funding. And while these ventures may be more risky than traditional investment vehicles, society at large often stands to benefit. That's the main reason why the U.S. Government allows hedge funds to operate without many of the same restrictions other funds have, as long as they only work with accredited investors.

Secondly, hedge funds can benefit you in a very tangible way. Due to the rise in inflation, your wealth is consistently losing value over time – and traditional investment vehicles typically don't net the returns you need to counteract this development, let alone make a profit. CARL believes that in times of rising inflation and low interest rates, investing in high-performance quants is the only sensible way for you to make a profit. And that's why CARL offers you access to some of the most sophisticated quantitative investment strategies, be they based in New York City or elsewhere. And thanks to the CARL app, you can invest from anywhere you wish.

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If you're looking to get into quant hedge funds, CARL is your ticket to some of the most sophisticated strategies available today. With 15%+ targeted returns and no lock-up periods, you can benefit from the power of quants while your equity remains highly liquid and flexible. Contact CARL today to gain access to the world of quants, whether based in New York or anywhere else in the U.S.

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